Corporate History

I was introduced to Graphic Design 15 years ago when I was just fresh of the high school and suddenly “all grown up and smart”. Long story short I didn’t know what I want to become but I had big luck to known some of the older cats who were doing it big in graphic design back then. I was that kid sitting behind the real work and collecting all the skills from older ones, going home practicing on some childish projects, but it was that time when I realised that this is something I want to do for the rest of my life. Went to some schools, delivered some freelance projects, got my first pay check, and now…

Always quality, ready for quantity.

Think you have a project for me? Or even want to recommend me to others? I surely can help you with any creative problem or task you may have. This is the place, and you can download my Resume, so that my skills and specialty is always available even if you’re offline.

My Resume