Klopa Bar (Case Study)

Everyone likes eating out at restaurants, right? Yeah, me too. But this is not an article about how adn where, although it could become one, but this is about my journey in a little bit of social media marketing I did for a fast food restaurant in Belgrade, Serbia.

It all started with me creating a logo for a fast food called Klopa Bar by Padrini. After a few initial meetings I realised they have a strong patriotic conection to our national typography and Serbian tradition as well. I;ve created a few concepts and we agreed on a logo version displayed above this text. It is a hot dog with traditional serbian mustaches and it was a bulls-eye. Everyone liked it but the job was far from over.

They also asked me about some social media marketing, and since I know a few things about the topic we agreed to give it a try. First job was to create a design branding of their social media sites and some templates to be used on a daily basis on instagram and facebook also. The results are below.

You can find the full case study on the link below:


Check out the new website here: